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    A Smaller, Easier and Better Build

    With GradleFx your project's build scripts will be smaller, easier and with less boilerplate code used by every Flex/AS3 project.

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    GradleFx uses, just as Gradle, the convention-over-configuration principle. This significantly reduces the amount of configuration needed and will make it easier to find your way in different projects.

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    Multi-project support

    GradleFx supports the Gradle multi-project way of structuring your project. You can have dependencies between projects and inherit properties.

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    Dependency Management

    GradleFx has support for Gradle Dependency Management. Supported configurations are merged, internal, external and rsl.


GradleFx is a Gradle plugin for building Flex and Actionscript applications. It provides a set of useful tasks that will make building your project a breeze. All the build logic is encapsulated by the plugin and all you need to do is some configuration. Because GradleFx uses the convention-over-configuration principle it has a set of sensible defaults for most configuration properties, so you only need to specify those if you want to deviate from the convention.


  • Convention-over-Configuration
  • Dependency Management
  • Multi-Project Support
  • Flash Builder project generation
  • Project scaffolding
  • Flex/AIR SDK auto-install
  • Support for SWC, SWF and AIR projects
  • Clean, Copy Resources and Publish tasks
  • Source file change detection
  • FlexUnit support
  • AsDoc support
  • Mobile (Android & iOS) support